What You Need To Know

Jack Russell History

Their first appearance seems to have been in the Oxford area of England, a place where small white fox-working terriers were first bred by Reverend John Russell. The line of terriers bred by John Russell were especially strong and attractive; they were raised to be aggressive and to hunt foxes. John Russells feisty terriers were used to hunt small game and were trained very well in digging quarries out of dens. They were known for their superb working ability.

Jack Temperament

Terriers have a super fun-loving, merry personality. Jack Russell's are happy, devoted and very perky. They are amusing and entertaining, and eager to play with new toys, games, and people. Shorty Jacks are very loving and affectionate, and  need lots of your attention. They love to be involved in all activities of the family. Jack Russell Terriers are friendly and kind towards children and strangers and we will happily introduce ourselves to new people.

Terrier Coat

Jacks have a white coat with black, tan, and brown markings and often have reddish tones. Their coat can be short, broken(med length), or rough(long).


Needed Living Quarters

Jack Russells are very adaptable to different environments, but need the right amount of stimulation and exercise to stay happy and healthy. We only like apartment life when we can get enough of these things. Jacks love to play ball or fetch and enjoy trips to the park! They do quite well with a fenced in yard or a place outside to call our own. Jacks need some freedom to explore and run around. They love the outdoors and discovering new things to play with. Shorty Jacks will always develop a strong bond their people in an atmosphere of love and affection.


Training Jack Russells sometimes requires patience, and persistence but teaching me at an early age will ensure a well manured adult Jack. Good discipline also helps me have respect for and bond with my person.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a smart and intelligent breed of dog, and can learn new tricks and skills very quickly. They respond well to basic training but they may be difficult for the average person to train. These dogs require patience and consistent training; they are sensitive to tone and command and they are especially receptive to affection and attention.

Jack Russell Terriers are naturally energetic, playful, and have strong stamina. They make excellent family companions and can pick up any skill and learn any trick easily. Shorty Jacks are very determined and independent as well; please remember this during my training stages. Still, diligence and perseverance with Jack Russell Terriers will always pay off and will help bond us together with our people. They are quick learners and highly intelligent.It is important for Jack Russell Terriers, learn from early socialization, especially during our early years. If not, we could become aggressive around other dogs. They should be introduced to different dogs and animals whenever possible. Jacks do have natural hunting abilities and a strong instinctive quality. With Jack Russell Terriers, it is important to combine training with play for us, because we respond well when we are interacting positively with different kinds of activities.