Puppy Purchase Information

Before making your final decision, please read our About Jacks Page. If you have any questions about whether a Jack Russell Terrier puppy is right for you, please give me a call. We may be able to help you decide.  Placing a deposit on a puppy is your commitment to purchase. We can work with you to move your deposit to a different or future litter if the occasion arises.

Reserving a puppy:  

   In order to reserve your Lil' SideKick, Please begin with  sending us your contact information.  We will need a non-refundable deposit of $150. Please keeping mind before placing your deposit that we can not refund it unless special circumstances arise. 

Lil' SideKicks prefers to receive your deposit through a check in the mail made out to Jessi Davis. Although you can also use a credit card or PayPal family and friends for your deposit.


Transport or Pick Up Options:

After receiving your deposit we can start the arrangements for pick up or transport. We have a few options for receiving your pet

  -You can come and pick your pet up at our home.

  -Second option is a flight through an airline closest to you, and is usually about $450. $360 or more is what tickets have risen to now, it's ridiculous, I know. We have to charge $450 total  because we purchase a crate, health certificate, and drive  three hours to the airport when we send a puppy to you. Thank you for your understanding. 


 -Third option, I can meet you up to three hours one way(4 hour round trip) for a ground transport fee of $150 or another way  of looking at it is: $30 for gas plus $20 per hour of drive time. 


If you are choosing the flight option, 

  you will receive your Jack Russell in a 

 flight approved crate filled with absorbent material for a clean and happy trip.

(As Seen in the Upper Right)  

You will receive your shorty Jack Russell Terrier puppy when it reaches seven to eight weeks old, depending on if we are using a flight or not.

All Lil' Side Kicks come with detailed shot records and registration papers.


Lil' Sidekick Jacks reserves the right to refuse any sale of a lil sidekick, if we feel the correct conditions are not present in the prospective home.   A full refund will be issued in this circumstance.


We pay close attention to giving the most quality food, vitamins, shots, and worming. Your Lil Side Kick will have been wormed every two weeks and given a 5 way  shot including a parvo at seven weeks of age.   The following two shots should be 5 or 7 way shots and given at 10 weeks and 13 weeks.


My daughter and I understand what Jack Russell puppies need in order to grow into healthy dogs that will have forever homes. Socialization, love, and a quality upbringing are at the top of our list in the raising of Lil' Side Kicks. 

We use the Bio Sensory method of socialization, please see our socialization page for more information. They go for car rides, start on crate training, visit the vet, watch movies, and get cuddled to death all day long on their way to becoming yours