Welcome Friends!

I am so excited for this step in your life! Adding a new Fur Baby Jack Russell to the family is an awesome adventure. Sometimes a challenge, but mostly FUN and REWARDING!

All of our Jack Russell Terriers are SHORTY JACKS (10" TALL OR LESS AT THE SHOULDER)!

Except for our new male MOUKY he is a bigger Jack. We are excited to introduce this bigger line of Jack for those who want a larger Jack.

Below and on Puppy Page #2, are the Jack Russell puppies that we have available. I try to keep puppy availability updated daily but please reach out to me to make sure the puppy that catches your eye hasn't been reserved. Our puppies are priced at $850 and sometimes more for the AKC registry rights or a special color.

Our puppies can leave their mommas at 7-8 weeks based on how they are eating and drinking on their own and the time frame is also based on the individual puppy. Some have the need to stay with momma longer, for emotional purposes. We reserve the right to keep a puppy a little longer than 8 weeks if we feel it is necessary. 

I do my very best, based on experience, at guessing what type of coat our puppies will have. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee a coat type.

Four brand new puppies


Updated 4-30-2020

Hi, these new pups are fantastic all will be registered CKC and be $850. They will be ready

June 17-24

Jackie has pick of one male staying in AR deposit received.

Trenton has pick of second male. going to Missouri deposit received

Rex - AVAILABLE - MALE - Smooth coat

Rodney - AVAILABLE - MALE - Smooth coat

Randall - AVAILABLE - MALE - Smooth coat

Madeline - Deposit received - FEMALE - Smooth coat going to OK Kelly

Jill's Pups all have deposits

Born March 22, 2020

These pups will be ready to go to their forever homes

These pups will be ready to go to their forever homes

Jill has 3 puppies 2 girls and one boy.   All pups are $850.

Wyatt - Deposit  Received C.Smith- possible rough coat

Jenny - Deposit received Hughson MO- possible rough coat

Snowball- Went to Missouri today  

These pups will be ready to go to their forever homes

These pups will be ready to go to their forever homes

These pups will be ready to go to their forever homes

May 17, 2020 They will be 8 wks old. I reserve the right to keep them longer if I deem it necessary.  Sometimes puppies need a little more mommy time and sometimes mommy is ready at 6 1/2 weeks just depends on mom and my judgement. Puppies that need to fly will have to wait til 8 weeks old. 

UPDATED 5-8-2020

Maddie & Lemon Jack's puppies Born 3 - 31 - 2020

Four puppies $850 each UPDATED 5-8-2020 All Puppies have deposits

Ready to go home May 19th - 26th I am really behind on Pics wow I better get busy.

Luca - Deposit received- male- going to ILL Aaron K.

Axel - Deposit received - Male - Going to KY Ron C.

Dior - Deposit received  going to Texas Summer- Female

Sophia - Deposit received staying in  AR- Female