Lil' Mommas


Female Jack Russell Terrier

Rose has a muscular build and a smooth coat, she is 11 lbs and 8" tall. We love Rose for her great character! She is always making us laugh with her funny antics, what a smart Jack! She hasn't had a puppies yet but we are hoping to have some soon. Be watching the planned litters page for her first litter of Jack Russell puppies. Rose's parents are Heather & Rusty.


Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier

Dakota is a rough coat Jack Russell.  She is 10" tall and weighs 10 lbs. We love her coloration, such a pretty tan face. Dakota is a watcher... She is very interested in the goings on of the pack and likes to perch herself on the porch and watch over the yard, ha ha! No squirrels allowed! 

Her parents are Rusty & Jill.


Jack russell terrier smooth coat

Mink has a luxurious silky smooth coat, very beautiful.  She is very tender and passes a wonderfully kind disposition on to her puppies. She is 10" tall and 18 pounds.



Jasmine is a tricolor female Shorty Jack. She has a petite frame and gorgeous features. Jasmine is a great momma and a social butterfly. She loves company is a very friendly Jack. Jazzy weighs 12 lbs. She has puppies right now on the available puppy page! Check them out!

Jasmines mom is Mink(pictured to the left) and her papa is Rusty(he can be seen on the Testimonials Page).


shorty jack russell terrier rough coat

Zoey has a rough coat and a petite structure. She is a great entertainer, ha ha!  We are always amused by her antics and she loves squirrel chasing. She does have a couple of handsome puppies on Available Puppies Page 2.


jack russell terrier shorty

Fluffy is the tiniest female we have at Lil' SideKicks Jacks, weighing in at 9.75 lbs. and stands 8" tall at the withers. She has a beautiful, full, rough coat and a petite body structure under all that fluff. Some folks think that a rough coated jack russell has more problems with shedding, but actually we keep her brushed and don't have much problem at all. A rough coated Jack Russell is much more easy to maintain in my opinion. She is gentle and tenderhearted and loves to check on the other pups in the yard. Fluffy was sired by Rusty and her momma is Daisy, grand momma is Lucy(who is pictured below).

Tator Tot

shorty jack russell terrier smooth coat

Tater is our cuddle puppy. She would rather be under a blanket at movie time than anywhere else. In this picture she was pregnant with her first litter. One of them can be seen on the testimonial/previous puppies page. She has a smooth coat, weighs 19lbs. & is 10" tall. Lucy is Tater's momma and Rusty is her Papa.


Shorty Jack Russell Terrier

Addie is an adventurous Jack I just love her luxurious coat.

She is in charge of the yard and very smart! 


jack russell terrier

CKC Registered

Mink is her momma! Maddie is smooth coated and has an excellent attitude and beautiful confirmation. Her sister is Addie above.


jack russell terrier for sale arkansas

Jill has a litter of puppies available right now! Sorry this isn't a very good picture but it is all I had before she became prefers! She is a rough coat.


jack russell terrier for sale arkansas

Trixie is a momma in this photo and has her new puppies at her side.  She is loving and sweet and her momma is Dakota!  Trixie is has a rough coat.