Jack Russell Lil' Papas


Lemon Jack



11 LBS

Gorgeous Lemon Colored Male

This little guy is so smart and gentle.

I know we can't have favorites, but if I could, it would be him. Wonderful confirmation on this fella and a great attitude!  He passes his gentle heart along to his puppies and we are proud to have him as one of our treasured Papas.

Shorty Jack Russell Terrier

Lord Sherman



Hey Mr Handsome!  He is 20 LBS and 9.5" tall. He is from the Cracker Jack line & we are looking forward to seeing puppies from this guy. We love his cobby build and excellent, happy~go~lucky temperament.

Shorty Jack Russell Terrier

Lord Sherman

If it wasn't for puppies, some people would never go for a walk ~Anonymous

Cotton Ball


Cotton Ball was our very first shorty Jack Russell Terrier. He is the top dog, man on top! This picture is after trying out being groomed but we like his long hair as it hardly sheds at all. 

Cotton Ball

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Shorty Jack Russell Terrier - Male

Cotton has what is referred to as a FULL ROUGH COAT.

It is a soft fine hair that doesn't shed and we take pride in offering him as a papa.  He passes his coat along usually as a broken coat, depending on who the momma Jack Russell is.

Bug ~ A ~ Boo

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Bug~A~Boo is a smooth coat male.

He is 18 pounds and 10" tall

He has a Happy Go Lucky personality and passes an easy to get along with attitude onto his puppies. 

Bug ~ A ~ Boo

Jack Russell Terrier

CKC Registered

Bug~A~Boo has a COBBY(which means short and muscular) build!! We Love it!